Human Design

Here is the information about your life’s roadmap. The instruction manual you wish you received at birth. We were all born with the information of who we are. We’ve had it all along!

Knowing your Design will help you:

Think of life as a play.

I can tell you the character you are supposed to be playing.

The way you’re supposed to be playing your part.

I know the costume, tools, and skills you have to assist you in effectively, passionately, and successfully playing your role.

I even know your storyline.

This is what life should be. Everyone standing confidently in our uniqueness, not comparing ourselves to others, playing our part so this performance can go off without a hitch. Somewhere along the way we’ve been conditioned by society and by others’ expectations of us. We’ve even conditioned ourselves. Since we never really knew for sure what our path was, we are most likely unsure of what it’s supposed to even look like.

What is Human Design?

Human Design is the most comprehensive and accurate, in-depth personality assessment you’ll ever need. Unlike other assessments, it provides instant, actionable tools for a better understanding of yourself and the people in your life. You will immediately be a stronger communicator as it reveals the assets, skills, and talents you were given to confidently navigate and utilize your uniqueness instead of hiding or ignoring it. At the same time, honoring and respecting the designs and decision-making process of the people in your life.

Human Design gives you permission to be yourself and the tools to do it with confidence.

Human Design is the Science of Differentiation that brings together principles of The I’Ching, astrology, Kabbalah Tree of Life, Hindu-Brahmin chakra system, quantum physics, interaction with Neutrinos, and DNA codon.

It shows how to access your body’s specific and effective decision-making tool, so you can get out of your head. Our mind is not a decision-maker, it is a processing center, and we need to stop giving it the power it is not qualified to have. Human Design helps you see more clearly your unconscious side, the side others see so you can more effectively navigate your purpose, especially when engaging with others.

Human Design helps you understand yourself and the people in your life better. It helps you communicate more clearly and more effectively while going after your wants, needs, and desires.

You will better understand why you do the things you do, why the people in your life do the things they do. This in turn will help you stop thinking negative thoughts about yourself, stop judging yourself, and stop questioning your wants, desires, and behaviors. It also helps you accept the people in your life and stop judging them for their wants, needs, and desires or for the way they do things.

Human Design is your own personal owner’s manual and roadmap that enables you to explore, develop, embrace, and live in your uniqueness. At the same time, it wakes you up to interact with the guides that live inside you. They will help you stay true to your design. You will make decisions from your body, not your mind where your saboteurs also live. You will learn when you need to engage and when you need to withdraw.

Human Design Will help you...

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