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Style: Asset
Motivation: Achievement
Main Focus: Feels the constant need to always be achieving something, advancing to the next level, learning something new. Holds back actually "launching" because they feel they need to learn or do "one more thing." Performance and achievement are where they seek self-respect and self-validation. Workaholic tendencies and disconnect with deeper emotions. Relationships suffer as those needs are not a priority.

Characteristics: Competition, image and status are important to the hyper-achiever. They are very good at never appearing insecure or out of their league. Can switch up their personality depending on who they are with. Public image takes precedent over introspection. Self-promotion and keeping people and relationship at a distance makes them feel safe.

Thoughts: I need to learn more and do more, I need to be the best, if I cannot be the best, then I won't even try. Being efficient and effective are of utmost importance. worthiness comes from success and accomplishment. Emotions get in the way. Need to be focused and taking action always.

Feelings: Feelings get in the way of accomplishment and are not considered for very long. Negative emotions can creep in, but they are immediately disregarded. They feel most worth when achieving success. Intimacy and vulnerability and closeness with others might make them see they are not the perfect image they are trying to portray.

Lies They Tell You: Achievement and accomplishment are the most important things in life. Need to always be focused and doing something to keep moving up. Need to do "one more thing before something is ready to go. Portraying a good image leads to success, emotions get in the way.

Impact on Self and Others: The hyper-achiever feels they need to keep moving and accomplishing the next success. Can lose touch with deeper feelings and their deeper self which can negatively impact their relationships. They can easily pull others into their way of focusing on external achievements.

Original Survival Function: The Hyper-Achiever feels confidence, self-esteem and worth are a direct result of what you have achieved. They are all conditional on performance and achievement. Even if raised in a loving, supportive environment children can attach love with achievement, being obedient, having good manners, there or instead of love being unconditional, it is based on what you put out into the world. they see this measured in appearance and accomplishment.

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