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Style: Avoid
Motivation: Security
Main Focus: Processes everything through a rational lens, usually void of feelings, including relationships. Can be seen as cold, distant, and intellectually arrogant.

Characteristics: Can appear arrogant or secretive. Has a tendency to have an active mind with intense thoughts. Private and selective about who they let in and open up to. Feelings are not expressed through emotion, but through passion for ideas. Prefers to sit back and observe and analyze. Can get lost in concentration and not notice how much time has passed. Can be skeptical and like to debate.

Thoughts: They believe feelings are distractions and staying rational is more sensible. Other people, especially those who are not rational can get in the way and distraction the hyper-rationals from their goals. They stay focused and can shut out noise and activity around them. They value knowledge, understanding, and insight and believe self-worth and confidence come from masting these qualities.

Feelings: Easily frustrated by other people being less rational and more emotional. Can get anxious when intrusions and distractions take away from their time and energy they are using to focus on reaching a goal. Can sometimes feel left out, alone, and misunderstood. Comes off as skeptical or cynical.

Lies They Tell You: That the rational mind is more superior to the emotional mind. Hyper-Rationals lies tell them to protect themselves from the wasteful intrusions of other people's emotions and needs.

Impact on Self and Others: Can limit how deep that can be in relationships both in their personal and professional life. They can lack flexibility towards other people's needs. Can be intimidating to others, especially people who lead with emotions and are less rational.

Original Survival Function: The Hyper-Rational serves the young child by protecting them in chaotic or tumultuous environments. Escaping into the rational mind gave them a sense of organization, security, and a feeling of intellectual superiority. The Hyper-Rational is also usually praised and given attention for their intelligence.

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