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Style: Earn
Motivation: Security
Main Focus: Obsessed with and constantly worrying about what could go wrong. High tendency for anxiety and can lack the ability to truly rest or relax. Their mind is always worrying.

Characteristics: Lives in a state of doubting themselves and others. Sees most things as danger signs, always expecting something to go wrong or something bad to happen. Have a tendency to not trust others. Might be comforted by rules, guidance, procedures, or instruction.

Thoughts: Always waiting for the other shoe to drop. Feels the weight of their mistakes and worries that others will criticize them or be disappointed in them because of their mistakes. Can be suspicious of others even though they want to trust them. Wants to know the rules, although it is their discretion whether to follow the rules or not.

Feelings: Skeptical, can be cynical, anxious, looking for the negative, suspicious and untrusting.

Lies They Tell You: Life is scary and dangerous and often doesn't go your way. You cant leave your fate to others so you can't really trust them. If I [your Hyper-Vigilant saboteur] doesn't look out for you, who will?

Impact on Self and Others: Constantly anxious and has a hard time trusting others. Waiting for things to go wrong, Burns a lot of time and energy worrying. Can be accused of "crying wolf" which in turn causes them to not be trusted. Can be draining to be around and people might avoid being around them.

Original Survival Function: When parents are unpredictable and unreliable the Hyper-Vigilance brings a sense of safety and security. Sometimes painful, unexpected events from childhood revealed how dangerous and unpredictable life can be.

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