We ALL have the Judge!

Check out their:
Main focus,
The lies they tell you,
The impact they have on you and your behavior,
The reason they existed in the first place.


The only Saboteur we ALL have.
Causes much of our disappointment, anger, bitterness, frustration, guilt, shame, and anxiety.
Guilt and shame (and some regret) are a direct result of the Judge exclusively.
The Judge engages the accomplice Saboteurs, it is rare to see the accomplice Saboteurs acting on their own.
Main Focus: Looking for faults with self, others, and circumstances that lead to disappointment, anger, regret, guilt shame, and anxiety. The Judge activates the accomplice Saboteurs.

Self: taunts, mocks, ridicules self for past mistakes, current shortcomings, insecurities, and limiting beliefs. Feeds off them.
Others: Focus on the negative aspects of others rather than appreciation. Compares self to others in a wide variety of circumstances, sometimes in all circumstances. Feelings of being inferior or superior compared to others.
Circumstances: Sees the negative or bad side of all situations. Doesn't look for the gift, lesson, or opportunity. This characteristic of the Judge is often overlooked as a source of our unhappiness. "I will be happy when..." The common thought is that our current situation is not capable of bringing us happiness.

Thoughts: What's wrong with me? What's wrong with you? Why are you so stupid? Why doesn't anything work out for me? How can I find the negativity in this circumstance or situation?

Feelings: Lives in the negative emotions of guilt, shame, regret, and disappointment from constantly being badgered by the Judge. Much of our anger and anxiety and all of our guilt and shame come from the Judge.

Lies They Tell You: If I don't push you or tell it like it is you will become lazy and complacent. If I don't remind you of your mistakes, you will never learn anything and will probably repeat them. If I don't scare you about the future, you will not plan or work hard to prevent bad things from happening. If I don't judge others for you, you will not protect yourself and your self-interest. If I don't make you feel bad about the negative outcomes you will never change.

Impact on Self and Others: The Judge is the only saboteur we all have and the main one that activates all the Accomplice Saboteurs. The Judge is the origin of much of our anxiety, stress, and unhappiness. The Judge is usually the cause of relationship issues.

Original Survival Function: The Judge is good at being hyper-aware, exaggerating, and reacting from a negative place as a survival strategy. But taking this position the Judge is perceived as helping us reduce our chances of being surprised or harmed by unexpected dangers to our physical, mental, and emotional well-being. The Judge is the universal Saboteur in all of us regardless of our life circumstances and regardless of the type of childhood we had.

Judgment vs. Discernment is Critical

Understanding and utilizing the discernment of the Sage is the only way to let go of the Judge. They might both be saying the same thing, but the intentions and messages are quite different. The Sage is positive and moves you forward, the Judge keeps you stuck. With the discernment of the Sage, the intention is positive and with Judgement from The Judge the intention is negative in the form of criticism and ridicule.

The antidote to criticism is EMPATHY (One of the 5 Sage Powers). Empathy for yourself and others is the only way to escape the grip of the Judge.

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