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I can show you how because not only have I helped others, I have done the work myself!

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Anyone who is tired of the thoughts and voices in their head controlling their lives and their emotions. 

Are you ready to eliminate anxiety, stress, overthinking, and all the other negativity and limiting beliefs our brain talks us into?

You can change your brain, you just need to be willing to do the work, and you need someone to show you how.

What to expect from the 8-week PQ Program

Week 1
Private one-on-one session with me to discuss the program, set expectations, talk through limiting beliefs. We will set goals for after the program is complete.

Weeks 2-7
Video sessions to watch when it is convenient for you. Weekly videos are released in the app on Saturday and are expected to be watched by your Monday POD meeting. (PODS are made up of 2-5 participants)

Daily: Your daily practice in the app. This includes a morning focus, PQ reps 3xs a day for 2 minutes. This daily practice is personalized to you based on your saboteurs. The app tracks your progress against minimum targets.

Anytime: Use the PQ gym to do workouts.These workouts strengthen your muscles. Like with any fitness plan, the more you work out the stronger you get and the faster you see results.

Inside the app there is a community to reach out to others for input. There is also a private chat for the members of your POD.

This program is designed to build new neural pathways and focus on each muscle one at a time. Giving them individual time and attention ensures your ability to recognize them and successfully access them.

It takes weeks to make or break a habit, this program is changing your brain and how you move from accessing the negative region to instinctively accessing the positive region.

Week 8
We will have a wrap-up Monday POD meeting at our regular time as well as scheduled private one-on-one meetings to discuss the expectations, limiting beliefs, and goals that were set in the initial private one-on-one meeting.

15 minutes a day can significantly boost your core muscles and your mental fitness.

• Expose and intercept your Saboteurs by strengthening your Saboteur Interceptor Muscle
• Learn how to strengthen your Sage muscle so you can easily access the happiness and positivity region of your brain
• Take control of your brain, quiet the Saboteur region and amplify the Sage region by doing PQ reps (brain exercises), this is how we build up our self-command muscle

You'll Master Your 3 Core Muscles

What's a PQ POD?

A POD is a group of 2-5 people you will go through this 8-week program with. You can create your own POD by inviting 2-4 people in your life to go through this with you. – This is always nice because you learn a common language and methodology…

Or you can choose to go through the process yourself and we will put you in a POD with one to four other people.

PODs will have weekly 45-minute discussions to talk about a question or two regarding that week’s lesson.

PODs also have a private chat in the app to support each other.

What are PQ Reps

Brain exercises when done with repetition, focus and consistency will change the neural pathways of your brain and strengthen your self-command muscle.

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