Tired of being controlled by the thoughts in your head, your anxieties, your limiting beliefs, your depression. You don’t have to keep living this way. You can change your brain… are you ready to do the work?

Why 8 weeks? Because motivation isn't enough, mantras aren't enough. It takes repetition, dedication, and consistency to change the neural pathways you have become dependent on.

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Get to know the Saboteurs that live in our brains.

About Positive Intelligence (PQ)

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These together make up Positive Intelligence Quotient (PQ)

Although we all have the Judge Saboteur inside our brains, we each also have a combination of 9 other Accomplice Saboteurs controlling us. How much control they have and who is controlling each of us is different from person to person. Understanding how the different regions of our brain works and how negativity lives in one region and positivity lives in another helps us acquire and use the tools to gain and master control. 

No more being controlled by our thoughts or unable to control how we react to stressors in our lives. This 8-week program will help you change the neural pathways you have relied on for years and develop new ones that will enhance your life.

Positive Intelligence Quotient (PQ) is the measure of your Mental Fitness

We first need to identify our Saboteurs, then we need to learn how to get better at identifying their behavior. This can be difficult because they disguise themselves as your friend... This is why this program works. It uncovers and exposes the Saboteurs for who they are AND teaches you how to get out from under their control. Not only do your Saboteurs lose their power, your Sage will come to life!

Where do the Saboteurs come from and were they ever helpful?

Saboteur origin stories

Saboteurs actually start off as helpful and as protectors. As humans, we used to need to protect ourselves from predators for survival. But that has not been necessary for a very long time.

However, as children, we need to develop coping mechanisms and ways to survive any real and perceived threats to ourselves or our environment. We need to find ways to protect ourselves from the mental, emotional, and physical threats (real or imagined) in our environments. 

Once we reach adulthood we should be able to let these protectors go because we are better equipped to see the world and people for what it is who they are and we should have developed better life skills… But for most of us, this is not the case. 

Because of neural pathways carved into our brains from all the years of relying on the saboteurs as protectors, flipping the switch in our mind to turn them off does not happen easily.

It takes work, it takes awareness and it takes dedication. And in most cases, it takes someone showing you how...

The Lies of the Saboteurs

Although you might have accomplished great things or reached levels of success you are proud of, for most people, your Saboteurs were by your side and in your head the whole time. This makes everything more difficult and potentially makes everything take longer... Not to mention all the negativity and lies they dragged you through along the way.

Think about how much of where you are today is a result of being pushed through all the negative thoughts and messages of the Saboteurs. How much of what you have accomplished was done after struggling and pushing through fear, anxiety, blame, shame, guilt, giving up, not believing in yourself, listening to the bullying and taunting from your own brain? 

Where is the Saboteur Region?

The Truth of the Sage

What if instead of negativity motivating you, you had a driving force of positivity and encouragement?
What if you could retrain your brain to access the positive region and the encouraging mindset each and every time you have a thought or reaction to something?

The Sage, or positive region of your brain access different parts of your brain than the Saboteur region does. But if you don’t normally access that region then it is not easily accessible. You need to train your brain to go there to tap into your five Sage powers.

The five Sage powers are empathy, curiosity, creativity, passion, and purpose.

Where is the Sage Region?

What to expect from the 8-week PQ Program

Week 1
Private one-on-one session with me to discuss the program, set expectations, talk through limiting beliefs. We will set goals for after the program is complete.

Weeks 2-7
Video sessions to watch when it is convenient for you. Weekly videos are released in the app on Saturday and are expected to be watched by your Monday POD meeting. (PODS are made up of 2-5 participants)

Daily: Your daily practice in the app. This includes a morning focus, PQ reps 3xs a day for 2 minutes. This daily practice is personalized to you based on your saboteurs. The app tracks your progress against minimum targets.

Anytime: Use the PQ gym to do workouts.These workouts strengthen your muscles. Like with any fitness plan, the more you work out the stronger you get and the faster you see results.

Inside the app there is a community to reach out to others for input. There is also a private chat for the members of your POD.

This program is designed to build new neural pathways and focus on each muscle one at a time. Giving them individual time and attention ensures your ability to recognize them and successfully access them.

It takes weeks to make or break a habit, this program is changing your brain and how you move from accessing the negative region to instinctively accessing the positive region.

Week 8
We will have a wrap-up Monday POD meeting at our regular time as well as scheduled private one-on-one meetings to discuss the expectations, limiting beliefs, and goals that were set in the initial private one-on-one meeting.

15 minutes a day can significantly boost your core muscles and your mental fitness.

• Expose and intercept your Saboteurs by strengthening your Saboteur Interceptor Muscle
• Learn how to strengthen your Sage muscle so you can easily access the happiness and positivity region of your brain
• Take control of your brain, quiet the Saboteur region and amplify the Sage region by doing PQ reps (brain exercises), this is how we build up our self-command muscle
• Increase performance by spending more time focused and believing in yourself.
• You will feel more happiness and peace of mind and less stress and other negative factors (anxiety and depression), even during hard times.
• Your relationship both personal and professional will improve as you learn to accept and handle conflict better.

You'll Master Your 3 Core Muscles

What's a PQ POD?

A POD is a group of 2-5 people you will go through this 8-week program with. You can create your own POD by inviting 2-4 people in your life to go through this with you. – This is always nice because you learn a common language and methodology…

Or you can choose to go through the process yourself and we will put you in a POD with one to four other people.

PODs will have weekly 45-minute discussions to talk about a question or two regarding that week’s lesson.

PODs also have a private chat in the app to support each other.

What are PQ Reps

Brain exercises when done with repetition, focus and consistency will change the neural pathways of your brain and strengthen your self-command muscle.

Get to know the Saboteurs

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