Are you Restless? Check out their: Main focus,
The lies they tell you,
The impact they have on you and your behavior,
The reason they existed in the first place.


Style: Asset
Motivation: Security
Main Focus: Always in search of the next activity, greater excitement. Being busy is a driving force. Rarely feels at peace or content with what they are doing.

Characteristics: Easily distracted, can get frustrated because they need to stay busy and usually have multiple things going on at once. Think they can multitask when we really can't. Prioritize variety and excitement over comfort or safety. Needs new stimulation.

Thoughts: Nothing is fulfilling.The next thing will be more exciting. Negativity is not a good headspace, needs to find new things to focus on that are more interesting. Why can't people keep up with me?

Feelings: Impacient with now, excited for what's next, fears missing out on better experiences. Always wants more options. Avoids negative feelings or emotions because if they dwell there too long it might become too overwhelming.

Lies They Tell You: You must always be doing something or you are wasting your life. There's is always something else or something better to be doing.

Impact on Self and Others: Although they appear fun and exciting, they are often anxious and trying to escape this moment for the next one, especially when trying to avoid negative feelings or situations. This also causes them to avoid being present and can blow off issues or experiences that matter. Relationships suffer from lack of attention and constantly being in motion. They are in a frenzy and chaotic and others have a hard time keeping up or even wanting to. Can lacks the ability to create anything sustainable, including relationships.

Original Survival Function: Their strategy is to constantly be in search of excitement, pleasure, and self-nurturing. This could be a result of having inadequate parenting or nurturing or experiencing painful circumstances where they needed to rely on themselves in their childhood. Constant movement gives the illusion of escape and not have to deal with negative circumstances or negative emotions.

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